Thursday, April 14, 2011

English Lingo! Do you get it? I don't....

You know that really annoying person who lives in a foriegn country for a relatively short amount of time, and either returns with an accent or an enitrely new vocabulary? I do. I hate that person. There's actually a great episode of friends where they spoof this kind of imposter. The  episode starts with Pheobe and Monica impersonating their friend Amanda who just got back from living in England:

Monica: "Helloooo Monica daaaaarling, it's Amaaanda caaalling!" It's like give it a rest! You're from Yonkers, your last name is Boufemounteesy!!
Pheobe: "Helloooo Pheobe, sorry to catch you on your mobile." Well if you didn't want to catch me on my MOBILE you shouldn't have called me on my MOBILE!!!

You know these kids of fonies. Their the student who spent a month in Italy, and now ends every phone conversation with "Chow!" Please, your not fooling anyone...

My biggest fear (that's a hyperbole) was to become one of these people. At the beginning of the year I was determind to keep my American English! However, it became clear very early on that if I didn't start speaking Bristish English, the kids wouldn't have any bloody idea of what I'm talking about! So now I'm one of them, and I will probably one of them when I get back to the states - it's a habit now. So, in the hopes that y'all won't make fun of me when I get home... and so you can hear a bit of what the Brits across the pond call a language, I have listed a collection of British lingo. This is my personal list, I didn't steal it off a website, these are all the words I've learned since being here.

Feel free to giggle and then include them in your daily conversation.
(Some of these terms are local to Bradford. Infact, Sourthern England - London and all that- use a lot of our pronunciations and vocab)

British English                                Translation                                                       "Example"

I can't be bothered                        I'm too lazy to do anything right now
Oh bless...                                 Oh you...       "Look, poor Luke has his head stuck in a jar, oh bless..."
Footy  / Football                           Soccer
Cheers! / Ta!                                Thanks!
Asian                                            Middle Eastern
Oriental                                        Chinese/Japanese/Malaysian, etc....
a rubber                                        Eraser                             "Use your rubber to rub it out!"
a plaster                                        Band aid
Dinner                                           Lunch
Tea                                               Drinking tea / another name for dinner
Sugar paper                                  Construction paper
Skittles                                         Bowling pins
Private school                               Boarding school
Public school                                Private school
State school                                  Public school
Takeaway                                    Takeout
In'n-it                                      Right?! (Asian saying)      "Steven Jared is Liverpool's best player, in'n-it!"
Trolly                                           Shopping cart
Buggey                                        Stroller
Nappy                                          Diaper
Have a go...                                 Try it yourself
Ginnel/snicket                              Narrow path
Wellies                                         Rain boots
Queue                                          Line
Chips                                           Large french fries
Crisps                                          What we call chips
brilliant! smashing!                      Fantastic! Excellent!
Scheme                                        Plans
Bits                                              Parts
Top-up                                       to fill up / add money to            "I need to top-up my phone card"
Conkers                                       Horse chestnuts
Lorry                                           Truck
Twitten                                        Footpath
Chav                                           Equal to a redneck or "trailer trash"
Plait                                             Braid
Brass                                           Cold
Pip-pip/ toodle pip/ cheerio         Forms of saying goodbye
Fop                                             Well dressed, pretty boy
Full of flannel                             A flatterer
Rubbish                                      Trash
Cot                                              Baby's Crib
Posh                                            rich, fancy
Fancy dress                                 Costumes
Dobber                                       One who tattles
Grass                                          to tattle
Sledge                                        Sled for snow
Strop                                          Trantrum
Chuck-a-wobbly                        another phrase for tantrum
Ladybird                                    Ladybug
Take the piss                             Make fun of someone
Snogging                                   Making out
Proper                                        Really                                                      "It was proper raining!"
Well nice                                   really nice
Knackered                                 Exhausted
Gip                                            Vomit
Gunged                                     Slimed


  1. Haha, so good!

    I had a go at speaking english the other day and called a buggey a trolley, made everyone giggle :D

    Brass = money, in yorhshire?

    And I like "Can't be asked" too:)


  2. Oh oh!

    How about:
    hen do
    stag do
    leaving do

  3. I appreciate this list, much.
    It is amazing how fast they become apart of your everyday vocabulary, and how easily you forget them.
    Thank you :)